Andre Almar is an experienced engineering with excellent cross-functional and communications skills. He is solving problems in the world of software working closely with Cloud Native software and tooling. A developer and infrastructure veteran, Andre is also well-known for his work on organizing community events like DevOps Days BH, The Developers Conference being the Co-Founder of DevOps BH Meetup and presenting talks at other events like Google DevFest, CampusParty and local Meetups. He writes his musings about software on his personal website andrealmar.com.

Andre loves Open Source software and contributing to them. He contributed for some several including Docker. He has an Open Source project called SRE University where people can have a complete study plan to become a Site Reliability Engineer.

He was also a volunteer on Stanford University Crowd Course initiative which facilitates people to share their knowledge with others, while exploring the possibility of collaborative teaching and course creation.

Podcasts Appearances

PF de DevOps: Trabalhando com DevOps (Portuguese)

Kubicast 26 - Site Reliability Engineering (Portuguese)

Kubicast 40 - Kubernetes: Por onde começar? (Portuguese)

Kubicast 41 - Justin Garrison (Cloud Native Infrastructure Book) Interview (English)

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