On February of 2018 I decided to leave my old job to pursue new goals. I was there for about two and a half years, and it was time to part ways. I've being focusing on DevOps and Cloud space in the last couple of years. I've even become a Meetup organizer here in my city. If you want to join us please check out DevOps BH.

My relationship with AppProva started couple years ago while I was the BH (Belo Horizonte) Coding Dojo organiser. They always hand over some space for us to do the Coding Dojo meetups and I will always be thankful for that.

When I left my old job, I had something lined up but it turns out that it didn't worked out very well for me. Rapidly, I've heard that AppProva was looking for a SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) for their office here in Belo Horizonte, MG. I've reached out to Cairo who told me to apply even if I had very little experience with Kubernetes at that time. I did that and some interviews later I'm here announcing that I'm joining the team as a Site Reliability Engineer =)

There are many technical challenges to be addressed at the company that was just acquired one year ago by a large educational group: SOMOS Educação. I will have the opportunity to work with a great team and learn a lot from them. This is incredible and I am super excited about the company and the challenges ahead. #vqv