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Hi. My name is Andre Almeida Araujo. But you can call me Andre Almar. ALMAR stands for “ALMeida ARaujo”, Got it?

Patrick Debois (Godfather of DevOps)

I’m a software engineer passionate about DevOps, Cloud, Operating Systems, platforms, cloud and distributed systems and I’m always open and eager to learn. Most of the posts you will see here are based on things I have experienced myself or I was just curious to read, learn and write about. In this blog I do my best to share my musings about Software Development. I have a motto: "My goal is to achieve excellence in everything I’m doing". Oh…and if you have a good challenge for me, drop me a message and I will be glad to help you out.

Currently I'm solving problems in the world of software working closely with Cloud Native software.


I'm also well-known for working with the Community organising events like DevOps Days BH, TDC (The Developers Conference) BH, DevOps BH & Cloud Native BH Meetups and presenting talks at events like Google DevFest, CampusParty and local Meetups.

DevOps Days Organizers from all over the world reunited in Ghent, Belgium (2019)

I was also a volunteer on Stanford University Crowd Course initiative which facilitates people to share their knowledge with others, while exploring the possibility of collaborative teaching and course creation.

Talking at DevOps Days BH 2019


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Oracle Magazine – Architect – Get Where You’re Going

Hoje em Dia newspaper – Software contabiliza emissões de carbono






Want Me To Talk At Your Event?

I can give a talk or a workshop at your event or your company event about Cloud Native, DevOps, SRE, Kubernetes and all related stuff. But don't be afraid to ask if you have a specific topic in mind. You can contact me with a specific query.