$ whoami:

Hi. My full name is Andre Almeida Araujo. But you can call me Andre Almar. ALMAR stands for “ALMeida ARaujo”, Got it?

I’m the founder of this blog and a software engineer passionate about programming languages, operating systems, platforms and distributed systems and I’m always open and eager to learn. Most of the posts you will see here are based on things I have experienced myself or I was just curious to read, learn and write about. In this blog I do my best to share my musings about the Software Development world. I have a motto: “My goal is to achieve excellence in everything I’m doing”. Oh…and if you have a good challenge for me, drop me a message and I will be glad to help you out.

How I became Who I am:

I was born in 1985 in a small town of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil. One day my father came home with a beige box, a monitor, a keyboard and a mice. My father used that box to write texts and print them in his Epson LX810 printer. I became curious about how that big box works and started to learn how to deal with that. Then I’ve found inside that PC a game called Actua Soccer. I was mesmerized. That beige box became my first source of fun the whole day. I used to spent hours and hours just playing that game.

In summer 2002 I started to study Data Processing. In my free time I helped some customers and friends on the development of their websites, so I learned CSS and HTML in order to do that. I made a lot of websites using MS Frontpage. In 2006 I moved to Belo Horizonte (where I currently live) to study Information Technology in a local University. In my course I was exposed to C++, Java and other technologies. But then I saw Python. I fell in love with the language and its simplicity. It was love at a first sight 😉

After I got my diploma in 2011, I left university to work for several companies doing consulting work in various customers. From government to construction companies I worked with many customers around Latin America. But I was working with enterprise software and I was not feeling the fun anymore. Then I decided to focus more on Python.

I still do occasional consulting work and I rebranded my company [PyDevv](http://www.pydevv.com) to focus more on what I want to do for living which is helping my customers to achieve their goals and be more profitable.

You can download my Resumé on the link below:
Andre Almar – Resumé

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