Hi All,

Long time I don’t write some lines here in this blog. But it was for a good cause. I’m involved with the CodeNewbie community ( I can describe CodeNewbie as

“the most supportive
community of programmers and
people learning to code.”

But don’t be fooled by the word “newbie”. We have a variety of very good developers in the community ready to help those who are either learning to code, or learning a new technology and so on.

I truly recommend CodeNewbie community to anyone who wants to dig deep in some technology like Python, Ruby, Javascript, you name it.  When you are learning a new technology it could become hard to find guidance. On CodeNewbie community you will find podcasts, forums, blog posts and a variety of resources to help you navigate on these “waters”. You can also find challenges like IronCoder (solve a challenge or a puzzle with your preferred programming language), you can jump in on of our group projects (right now I’m part of Python Thursday Blog project), feel free to choose whatever (project) it suits you best.

But the best definition I can find for CodeNewbie community is that is an incredible community of programmers at all levels encouraging each other on their coding journey.

Jump on that boat and let’s code together.